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Why Corndance?

let us introduce ourselves

     The Potawatomi Indians, “Keepers of the Fire,” lived in this region for nearly 200 years. They were adaptable hunters and farmers, skillfully using what the land offered to sustain every aspect of their culture – from food and clothing to shelter.

     In the Potawatomi tribes, the secrets of farming as well as the songs and legends that accompanied them, were guarded and passed from mother to daughter in the cornfields as they worked the land together. As with many native American tribes, they gave thanks to their gods and made requests for bountiful harvests through elaborate rituals… corndances.

     At Corndance, we celebrate and honor the traditions of the “Keepers of the Fire” by offering you a cuisine made from only the freshest ingredients, respectfully acquired from the land. Chef George Pesek sources his ingredients from local ranches, orchards, and fields whenever possible to create unique flavorful dishes and an unforgettable dining experience. Paired with wines and beer from the the Americas, he strives to create an imaginative cuisine that offers the familiar… and something altogether new.

Welcome to the “Corndance”.


Dan Walker

General Manager


Drew Sachau

Corporate Chef


Chantz Ledyard

Executive Chef

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